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The Gold Tag Sale

There are always special items on sale at First Choice Abbey Carpet. But twice a year the nationwide family of Abbey Stores has a storewide sales event called the Gold tag Sale. We use the buying power of our over 700 stores to negotiate special discounts from suppliers and manufacturers. We pass these discounts on to our clients along with our own twice a year discounts........Continue reading →

Preparing For New Carpet

Getting ready for your new carpet is not as daunting a task as you might think. There are a few things to take care of before installation day. We cut your carpet on site (weather permitting). We most often utilize the driveway or the street. During inclement days we can cut in the garage. We lay out plastic to make sure your carpet stays as clean as possible. If it looks like rain, it would be helpful to clear some space in the garage, if you can.......Continue reading →

Why Our Clients Enjoy Their Shopping Experience With Us

OUR STAFF: Our showroom is staffed with flooring experts who go through continuous training to understand consumer needs, recommend the best possible floor choice based on your needs, lifestyle and budget.
SHOP 24-7: We have a state-of-the art website where you can view flooring options and get information on how to select a new floor when.......Continue reading →

We Had A Lot To Be Thankful For In 2015

The holidays are all about home and family. When you upgrade your interior with new floor and window covering, you make your home more inviting for family and guests. The hottest trend this year has been Luxury Vinyl Tile (or LVT). LVT styles look like wood or porcelain tile, but offer ease of maintenance, superior water resistance, exceptional durability......Continue reading →

Home for the Holidays

Maybe you’re planning to have guests from out of town. What kind of statement does your guest room make about your home? Is the flooring worn, stained or out of style? Maybe you haven’t given window privacy any thought because nobody every uses the room.....Continue reading →

A Different Kind of Sale

Have you ever gone to a store during a sale only to discover that only the lowest quality merchandise is discounted? There is always better quality items available, but where's the discount? The Abbey Gold Tag Sale is different....Continue reading →

One Easy Step to Get the Best Pricing on Flooring

When it comes to buying floor coverings, you want to make sure you're getting a good deal. Your final decision may not be all based on the lowest price, but you don't want to pay too much either...Continue reading →

Got a Pet? Here’s One Tip that will Solve All Your Carpet Stain Problems

Our pets are members of the family! Like children or partners-in-crime, they bring joy to our homes. But sometimes the same cuddly pet can have a less-than-cute effect on your carpet...Continue reading →

5 Tips to Ensure Your Window Coverings Aren’t a Safety Hazard

During the autumn months, we love to open up our windows and let in the breeze. We even get new window coverings to match a newly renovated home, just in time for the holidays. What most people do not keep in mind....Continue reading →

Why Cork Will Be Your Next Home Upgrade

Pop the champagne and celebrate your day. Now, take a look at the cork. That cork can be used for a whole slew of other commonly used products....Continue reading →

First Choice Abbey Carpet Window Coverings Save Energy, and More! 

New window fashions not only enhance the beauty and design of any room, they do so much more. Do you need more light in a room, or less? New window coverings let you make the call...Continue reading →

Alternative to Wood - Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you're planning on installing new floors, you'll want to consider the benefits of luxury vinyl tile. Today we're in Danville with Diamond Certified Expert....Continue reading →

Floor Shopping Simplified

A carefully considered flooring purchase will reward you often over the years. Ask yourself these questions before you buy...Continue reading →

First Choice Upholstery at First Choice Abbey Carpet in Danville

You love that old chair. You read stories to your kids in that chair. Your husband has taken countless naps in that chair. Maybe you took a nap or two there yourself. But now your old friend is beginning to look its age. Sure, you could send it to Goodwill and order a new one. You can wait 8 weeks or more for it to come in, but...Continue reading →

Berbers Beauties

Are your dens, playrooms, dining rooms and other high-traffic areas begging for the handcrafted carpet look? If it's a matter of blending high style with durability, consider the new Berbers - unique among carpet styles. Modern Berbers are showing up in exciting, growing collections of patterns, textures, colors and styles...Continue reading →

Bully for Wool Carpet

Wool is a natural, renewable resource that sets the standard to which other carpet fibers aspire. Known for softness, luxury and durability, wool has become famous over the centuries for its ability to accept a huge palette of colors, shades, tones, and hues. Although wool flooring products cost more than...Continue reading →

Get Accustomed to Custom Floors

Admire the way a neighbor used ceramic tiles in her kitchen? Great, but try to resist the urge to duplicate it exactly. The core idea of decorating is to achieve a "put-together" feeling, but in a way that's unique to your home and lifestyle. Begin "thinking custom" by assessing what materials you have to work with...Continue reading →

Flooring Colors and Your Design Scheme

When it's time to select a new floor, it's important to keep several factors in mind during the color selection process. Certainly, existing furniture, wall-coverings and window treatments, traffic patterns and decorating styles are all deciding factors when choosing the color of your new floor...Continue reading →

Handling Common Carpet Problems

A little tender loving carpet care goes a long way toward assuring years of beauty and performance. As new carpet begins making itself at home, fluff balls may appear. Relax. Your carpet isn't going to pieces. Most carpets retain loose fibers as they leave the factory. These disappear with vacuuming...Continue reading →

Know Before You Go: Shopping for Your New Floor

Retailers want you to have the floor of your dreams, but they aren't mind readers! When shopping at a floor-covering store, enlist the salesperson's assistance. They know a lot! If you have a budget, be frank about it. Sales and designers can work within your guidelines if they know them. They're also armed with knowledge...Continue reading →

Making Carpet Pet Friendly

Carpet color is important, but decorators need to think about the color of the family pet as well! Face it. Sometimes we can't vacuum as often as we'd like. While dark-colored carpet may look great in the store, it may not be the best option for lifestyles that include a four-legged friend with white hair!...Continue reading →

With Credit, You're More in Charge

Today's credit-wise consumer is quite knowledgeable about price, credit terms and interest rates. For that reason, they're comfortable shifting their buying decisions - especially large ones like floor covering - to credit transactions. Why? Credit is becoming a matter of personal money management, not affordability...Continue reading →