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Berbers Beauties

Are your dens, playrooms, dining rooms and other high-traffic areas begging for the handcrafted carpet look?

If it's a matter of blending high style with durability, consider the new Berbers - unique among carpet styles.

Modern Berbers are showing up in exciting, growing collections of patterns, textures, colors and styles. Today's Berbers embrace many more styles, from natural to sophisticated to bold and finally to intimate.

Built to withstand constant wear, quality Berbers start with high-performance fibers like olefin or nylon.

Olefin (also known as polypropylene) is an easy-clean fiber that's highly resistant to wear, fading, mold, and mildew.

Nylon has proven itself to be durable, resilient, abrasion resistant and very color friendly.

Berbers are also found in nylon-olefin blends for the best of both worlds.

These premium brand carpet fibers are then crafted into Berber's signature loops, multi-level loops, and cut-pile constructions.

Loops are ideal for busy areas since they help hide footprints and vacuum marks. Multi-level loops (varying loop heights) create durable pattern effects that also help hide soil. Cut pile uses twisted fiber and cut loops for a high-performance style with a plush feel.

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