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One Easy Step to Get the Best Pricing on Flooring

When it comes to buying floor coverings, you want to make sure you're getting a good deal. Your final decision may not be all based on the lowest price, but you don't want to pay too much either.

The sale ads are tempting. "Buy 2 rooms of flooring get the rest of the house for free." "$99 installation." $79 installation. "FREE installation." Obviously that's the best deal, right?

No one would believe a car ad that offered a free car with every 4 tires purchased, but we've all seen ads offering a 4th tire free with the purchase of 3. That's 25% off. Sounds reasonable, right?

But what about mounting the tires, or balancing? You might find that the 4th tire isn't really free after all when you add in the possibly inflated price for mounting and balancing. Suddenly your 25% discount is much closer to a 5% discount, or perhaps no price variance at all.

The key and one easy step to getting the best pricing on flooring is to simply look for the bottom line.

Usually the "free" offers have some strings attached, even in home design and renovation. Do you have to buy upgraded pad for all rooms to get your free installation? Is the price of that upgrade competitive or are they charging double the going price for that upgrade?

To make sure you are getting a fair price, reach out and get a couple of estimates to compare the total price, not just the price of the material, or the installation.

Do you need to have your old floor covering removed and thrown away? Who is moving your furniture? Is the sales tax included or is it extra? Get bids for the "out the door" price.

If price is the major consideration in your decision making process, it's best to get competitive bids for exactly the same product. If price is only one factor on which you will base your final decision getting bids on comparable products should give you enough of an idea on the value being offered. This then allows consideration of other factors. Which store has the better reputation? Who's doing the installation, a labor shop or company installers? Does the store return your phone calls? Can the job be done on your schedule? Consider all the factors that go into your large purchase decisions.

The bottom line is that a big sale offer may end up being smoke and mirrors without asking the right questions and getting the bottom line price.

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