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Bully for Wool Carpet

Wool is a natural, renewable resource that sets the standard to which other carpet fibers aspire.

Known for softness, luxury and durability, wool has become famous over the centuries for its ability to accept a huge palette of colors, shades, tones, and hues.

Although wool flooring products cost more than those made from synthetic fibers, industry studies show that wool's value comes over time - it looks better and stays that way longer- up to 20 years!

Primarily because of cost, wool fiber is found in a relatively small percentage of the carpets and rugs sold each year. However, wool is found in a growing number of homes because of its "heritage appeal." Why else are so many antique rugs made of wool?

Wool's excellent long-term appearance retention comes from the fiber's natural resilience. Superior texture and resilience enable wool fibers to recover from compression marks.

Little known facts about wool include its suitability in climatic extremes and wool's natural flame resistance meets even the most stringent fire regulations.

Best of all, wool is natural, renewable and environmentally friendly.

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