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Floor Shopping Simplified

A carefully considered flooring purchase will reward you often over the years.

Ask yourself these questions before you buy:
    1) How is the room to be used? Your answers lead to selecting the type and grade of flooring that best fits your lifestyle.

    2) How do I choose color? Color provides personality by uniting decorative elements and creating atmosphere. Light colors "expand" a room. Dark provides coziness.

    3) How do I maintain my new floor? Some floors are easier to clean than others. Some warranties require it. Before buying, consult product guides or contact your salesperson about proper care and maintenance.

    4) How much flooring will I need? Economically speaking, it is best to have your retailer or installer make final measurements, then plan the layout to ensure you purchase the correct amount.

    5) What's in a warranty? They vary. A manufacturer's warranty usually covers wear over a period of years. Some also include special characteristics, such as fade or static resistance.

    6) What's included in the price? Flooring price is based on many factors...construction, quality, and design. Ask your sales representative for a cost estimate of the total installed project.

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