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Get Accustomed to Custom Floors

Admire the way a neighbor used ceramic tiles in her kitchen?

Great, but try to resist the urge to duplicate it exactly. The core idea of decorating is to achieve a "put-together" feeling, but in a way that's unique to your home and lifestyle.

Begin "thinking custom" by assessing what materials you have to work with.

Many interior designers are discovering that carpet, for example, can be "cut and pieced" to achieve unique looks. Other techniques include "carving" motifs and designs into carpet similar to Chinese rugs where florals and borders are "outlined" by carving or shearing the carpet pile.

When it comes to hard surfaces, most come in pieces that can be geometrically or artistically arranged in patterns using different colors or finishes.

Sheet vinyl flooring can be bordered and inset like carpet.

Wood flooring can be customized using several finishes and dimensions.

Ceramic tiles lend themselves to easy custom looks especially when solid color tiles are used randomly with decorative tiles. Decorative tiles can also be used as borders for floors and on walls in both kitchens and baths.

Today's flooring puts the custom back in customer.

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