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Handling Common Carpet Problems

A little tender loving carpet care goes a long way toward assuring years of beauty and performance.

As new carpet begins making itself at home, fluff balls may appear. Relax. Your carpet isn't going to pieces. Most carpets retain loose fibers as they leave the factory. These disappear with vacuuming.

"Sprouts," or loose tufts, may also appear. Simply snip off the offending end even with the surface. Do not pull out long or loose ends. That can permanently damage the carpet.

Notice color variations or one area that changes color when viewed from various directions? Try vacuuming the pile in one, uniform direction.

If your carpet is rippling, the culprit is probably humidity. This situation usually resolves itself as carpet settles in. However, if this happens in a dry atmosphere, contact your retailer. It may be necessary to have the carpet professionally cleaned or re-stretched.

Crush spots from heavy objects? Raising the pile back to its former height requires simply vigorous brushing.

To keep your carpet looking new for as long as possible, vacuum regularly with a top-grade machine, and contact your retailer for more detailers on carpet maintenance.

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