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Making Carpet Pet Friendly

Carpet color is important, but decorators need to think about the color of the family pet as well!

Face it. Sometimes we can't vacuum as often as we'd like. While dark-colored carpet may look great in the store, it may not be the best option for lifestyles that include a four-legged friend with white hair!

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommends 'matching' carpet colors with that of your pet. Medium to dark carpet is great for 'brunettes,' and lighter carpet works for 'blondes and redheads.'

Another thing to consider is your pet's behavior.

Pet activities can play a role in selecting or avoiding certain types of carpet. Prime examples are a dog that's a vigorous digger, or a cat that enjoys "kneading" surfaces. For them, for example, the CRI suggests avoiding carpet with large loops, since claws are apt to get caught in the pile.

Speaking of pet behavior, some products are better defenders against stains than others.

Ask your retailer for help selecting carpet with stain-fighting fibers. If mistakes do occur, a good retailer can also be helpful with manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning up.

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