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Got a Pet? Here’s One Tip that will Solve All Your Carpet Stain Problems

Our pets are members of the family! Like children or partners-in-crime, they bring joy to our homes. But sometimes the same cuddly pet can have a less-than-cute effect on your carpet. Enjoy both your family pet and the comfort of a soft, warm and (most importantly) clean carpet — with the Pet Protect Styles by Stainmaster. Stainmaster is one of the most trusted and recognized names in carpeting because they are looking out for all of your family’s needs.

The new Superia SD Fiber in the Pet Protect Styles carpet is solution-dyed. This processes locks the color into the fiber and this protects the fiber against stains and allows cleaning with stronger solutions, without damaging the carpet. Pet Protect Styles offer lifetime stain, soil, and wear warranties. Specifically for pet accidents, the warranty states that anything that comes out of your dog or cat (putting it as delicately as possible) will come out of your carpet or it will be replaced by Stainmaster. That is a LIFETIME warranty!

Additionally, the new Pet Protect Styles release pet hair much more easily when vacuumed. Your carpet will look cleaner and stay cleaner.

Just imagine how great these carpets will perform during the holiday season with the endless parties and the inevitable stains from human and non-human guests. With this amazing quality and lifetime warranty, you can enjoy a warm, soft carpet with your loyal pet by your side with peace of mind.

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