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With Credit, You're More in Charge

Today's credit-wise consumer is quite knowledgeable about price, credit terms and interest rates.

For that reason, they're comfortable shifting their buying decisions - especially large ones like floor covering - to credit transactions.

Why? Credit is becoming a matter of personal money management, not affordability. Consumers prefer not to use cash or to encumber their regular credit cards to make larger purchases.

Smart shoppers know that store credit and financing programs also provide qualified buyers with additional buying power they need to achieve their goal or to take advantage of special offers as they occur.

They tell us that price is important, but that credit terms and rates also play an important and sometimes subtle role in household economics.

A good retailer can explain how the cost of buying better quality flooring using credit can be offset by generous payment terms, low interest rates and explain how a quality purchase can more than pay for itself by lasting longer.

Your local retailer can help open a credit line before you make a purchasing decision. Ask for a credit plan that meets your personal budget requirements.

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